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RARE. Lotte Bear


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RARE. Lotte Bear designed by Louise (Lisa) Bostlund. Lisa designed the Bears as sample glazes to give to retailers. Over 50 rare bears in various glaze colours were acquired directly from the Bostlunds over 18 years ago and will be releasing them over the next few years.

Stamped with the glaze or their factory in Upstate NY and Canada, 1960s. 6x3x3 in. 

At the request of Lisa we will be donating $100. per bear to a Women’s Shelter in Toronto.

“When I (Lisa) was 13 years old I went to the McMichael Gallery with my mom, Lotte, to see the Group of Seven paintings. Upon entering the gallery I was elated by the bear sculpture by Henry Moore at the front door. I asked my dad, Gunnar,  if I could have some sculpting clay to make my own version of a bear. He agreed on the condition that I also learn how to make a master mold for glaze samples which I did! And so began the best time bonding time with my dad and the Bears became a hit with retailers across North America to display alongside the Lotte lamps .”