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Ellos Ellas

Ellos Ellas

Julie Jenkinson

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Abstract textures and surfaces of street poster remnants from the photograph series "36 Hours in Uruguay and Berlin Street Art."  Uruguay, 2012. 33 x 42 in. Unframed.

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...Her gift for seeing order in chaos is shown most vividly in her studies of Uruguayan and Berlinian walls. Here, the intentional hand of the graffiti artist is replaced by abstract textures and surfaces.

In Teatro Bastion, partially eroded words in bright red stand out on a rough wall. That bright red pulls your eye to some patches of blue and green on the distressed black-and-white concrete, making you wonder if you’re looking at remnants of posters or an incredibly subtle collage.

Jenkinson transforms corners of the city into concise meditations on pure visual experience. Grittiness never looked so sharp. — David Jager, NOW Toronto.