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Rob Kinghorn, Flamma

Rob Kinghorn, Flamma


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Framed photograph. 2018. 15.5 x 18", white shadowbox frame.

SX-70 Polaroid Series
In his current series “Alchemy” Robert is working with long expired SX-70 films from the 1980’s and 90’s that are no longer capable of producing any photographic images with a camera.

Through a process of chemical & physical manipulation the final results are unpredictable abstract images, reminiscent of the impressionistic, colour field and printmaking movements. 

The Polaroid has a long history of how we record ourselves, our friends, family vacation travels. This film has been saved from landfill and has become an artifact of a new way of being seen.

Each Polaroid is unique like a fingerprint.

Robert is a Toronto based photographer and visual artist. A graduate of the Sheridan College Photography program and a former chemistry student. 

Rob has always had a fascination with experimenting with analogue processes and vintage large format film cameras. Rob's work has been shown in numerous publications and exhibited in 2019 at TOAF and London AAF Battersea.